Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Your cry has been heard,though not through a grapevine as that lady of soul sensationalized us in those old sweet days a lot of requests I have officially given in and decided to establish an English language blog.Before that I have been busy creating and developing my mother tongue language(swahili) blog.I am still having lots of stimulation and challenges with www.harakati.blogspot.com (my swahili blog) and therefore please do not consider my action of creating an english blog as a farewell to my swahili one.I have just added a little soup to my blogging experiences or have expanded my horizons.I will continoue giving my swahili blog a life it desires or deserves and of course number one and half priority.Home sweet home.The url of this blog is proudafrican.blogspot.com. As it elaborates itself I am a proud african.I am proud of everything about Africa. And I am not proud just out of arrogance but because I believe everything about the continent Africa worth every soul's pride. My standing point is when I look at the history of Africa. Cradle of mankind,birth of civilization, home and birthplace of rich cultures and traditions. Great economies that if not interfered from all angles it could carry the world.Who doesn't know that? Shouldn't I be proud of Africa?
However,being proud of something or somebody does not mean that I am not going to critisize, correct and warn if I am visualizing something wrong. Please do not get me wrong. As my friend Ndesanjo Macha says Africa is/was born in him, I believe the same applies to me. Its my great pleasure to honor and remain a firm believer in progressive Africa and Africa that one day (even when I am gone) will be the unhidden pearl for the world to see and touch.
Everyday's life, our lifetime challenges, our humanity struggles, our passion for better tommorows,those are some of the issues I will be blogging about here.Just as I see the community I left in Tanzania (thru mindset binoculars), I also see the same thing in my community here in Toronto or Canada in general. I see people struggling to make ends meet, people trying to better their lives and that of their societies.I see classes in these societies. I see street kids, see homeless people.I see the trauma associated with diseases like HIV/Aids. I see how loosing weight is a matter of pride here while its quite a shame back in Tanzania. I also see and appreciate the differences in opportunities. But above all I witness politicians, trust me they are all the same,wherever they are.In this blog please expect fair deals and not fair tales.To me blogging is about telling it all, as raw as it is and that is why I love whoever came with this idea of blogging. For sure it could be a dream catcher race to make it to the mainstream editorial board of New York Times,CNN,BBC, The Guardian etc but with the help of blogs I am able to free my soul and my mind by writting here.If you don't find that great then I have bad news for you, Please die!I speak and utter the truth,if the truth will one day cost me, so be it.If one day you come across my blog and you find something very offensive to you or you just don't agree with me,take it easy.Write,educate me,criticize me,etc etc but don't harm me or yourself out of it.In otherwise don't blame the player but blame the game.We preach and must practise free speech.I have fun with the truth.

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