Wednesday, March 22, 2006


We are living in the world that peace and stability is a new myth. Pure human rights ,justice and equality practices are almost as rare as Tanzanite jewels which are believed to be available only in Tanzania,the country where I hail from. When war against terror,seeking peace and justice becomes the common words in every world leader speech, another common man like me wonders what happened and what to be done?Trying to ponder a question like what to be done needs extra-ordinary courage. I call it extra-ordinary courage because why do you think all the remaining members of G8 can not have one stand against the injustice that United States is doing in Iraq and places like Guantanamo,Sudan etc etc? Don't you know that United States is illegally occupying the Guantanamo Bay from Cuba? Is it not a fact that USA is in Iraq today just because of its interest in oil? Have you ever asked yourself why US did not find it a priority to send "troops" to Rwanda in 1994? The case is clear,United States has no friends but interests! United States is not a friend to even its closest neighbor Canada. Who is expected to say "No" to Americans? Honestly,I always wonder around this question. Can't Steven Harper and all his G7 friends stop the Americans? What is United Nations?We have unending wars and injustice around the world just because someone is never satisfied with what they have. They think they deserve everything good while the rest of the world deserves nothing. That is why Iran is now in the pipeline for attack. Why can't Iran be allowed to explore and use its nuclear technology? If Bush were attacked by any other country using WMDs like nuclear would he insist that Americans will use nuclear for energy purposes only? I can not imagine someone coming to my country and telling me that you are not allowed to do this and that while they are doing the same back in their countries. Justice,equality,human rights....what a joke today's world roams around with. The whole world is watching.Our leaders are speechless and moral corrupts than ever! If you can't fight them you do not necessarily have to join them,keep fighting.

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