Sunday, July 16, 2006


The world is full of chaos,media outlets are full of worrying and hope -outlets stories.Its either deaths,wars or threats. You just can't trust anyone anymore,even your close relative. Reason? don't know what they believe into,you are never sure whether they mean freedom fighting or terrorism based on corrupted faiths/beliefs.

If our ancestors ever lived in the world like the one we are living today,then I feel sorry for myself that I think vice-versa.I am scared,I am a chicken may be,but I know I am human and not afraid to expose that face of mine. Anyway,that is not what I want to write today.So let me not confuse you further.

The world most industrialized nation's leaders are meeting again. This time its St.Petersburg,one of the most dangerous cities in the world for people of my skin color to live or even visit. They are meeting for their "annual picnic" full of media coverage. If you are not convinced that its just another "picnic" take a little break and think,carefully,about what has happened since Gleaneagles,Scotland?

I can assure you that these leaders goes there with no agendas in their briefcases.They will discuss what pops up during the week of their picnic. Check this time,middle east is on top of agenda,terrorism,of course. The on-going battle between Israel and Hezbollah( I think its wrong to say Israel and Lebanon because Hezbollah is not Lebanon just as how PC is not Canada,right?) have definetely out-shadowed all other agenda including my Africa(if there was anything about it). I can confidently say,the war on global poverty is not somewhere between the agenda pages(if they have agendas)

Last year was G8 summit for Africa. Not only that the live8 concerts added life to that concept, but so did demonstrations,debates without forgeting historical media coverage.Those who had never heard of MDGs,Blair Commission on Africa etc had that opportunity,whether they liked it or not. Our african leaders,without shame of a beggar,were smiling and posing for photos with them. In St.Petersburg,I am yet to see the spirit of Gleaneagles.

But what about consistency? What about evaluating the progress they have made since their "promises from Scotland"? Do these leaders go through previous meeting minutes before proceeding with any other agendas?Probably not,but anyway,they are politicians,lets not forget that. They rumble with whatever is making headlines at that particular time. Therefore,with no media to re-align their speeches writers, you can as well forget about the previous blah blah!

To me,therefore, summits such as G8,is just a showoff. We are here,you should know us and all that.If the world thinks there is anything that seriously arises from such meetings,I am sorry that its an illussion.I am waiting for another g8 next year..where will it be
,by the way?

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