Monday, August 21, 2006


Almost a week to come,last year, the world saw a different face of America. The face that somebody wishes it was never to be revealed. How the saga came out of headlines seems to be a conspiracy of its own nature. A week or so after Katrina I wrote this in my swahili and only blog I had by then.

Spike Lee, one of the film producers that I respect a lot, has come up with When The Leeves Broke documentary that is definetely set to bring big waves of heat to American politics. I have not seen this documentary yet but I can't wait to see what Spike Lee brings to television and movie theatres this time. And I can't wait to see it because I believe,just like in so many places in the world,justice was not done!


Scout said...

gee, the frist thing that struck me was the pic of spike lee....does that mean i'm getting older too?

into the meat of your post. jeff i read your original about katrina and it was a damn find piece. i really admire your perspective and the questions you put out. there's no doubt that science and spirituality both play a part and both hold answers. it's a sick little world right now that needs healing to be the healthy big world.

i clicked on your swahili site just to see what the language looks like :)

the spike lee film sounds worth going'll get to it before me (because i'm on an island and don't like going into town), so will await your review!!!!

thank you for you deep delving, putting my mind and soul to work. best of all, thank you for being a humble man because i know you'll repsond in a gentle way and probably skirt that you delve deep. please accept that you do. love ya, buddy!

Jeff Msangi said...

Thanks a lot for all the compliments.I appreciate.
I did see the documentary this week.Its powerful,disturbing,revealing,challenging for action but above all sad reminder of the truth that class and color of a skin still matters when political decisions are to be made.Humanity is hijacked that way,the chemical weapons are our politicians hearts and egos,the explosives are their ignorances and greed.Justice delayed is justice denied.Katrina fits perfectly into that category.Make sure you see it when it comes to the island.

Scout said...

well, i'll have to wait for it to come out on dvd, we're too small here to have a movie theatre. but thanks for the quickie reveiw, sounds compelling.

like your wording too, as in 'humanity is hijacked' 'the chemcial weapons are our pliticians hearts and egos' etc..