Thursday, November 23, 2006


The results for the first round of votes towards Canadian Blogs Awards are out.As you all know this blog had been nominated for Best Cultural Blog category.Unfortunately, this blog did not make it to the second round. You can see the results here. Does that surprise you? For sure it surprised me. I thought I had a better blog especially in that specific category of my nomination. What do you think?

What I know is that a lot of you voted for me. The numbers of e-mails, phone calls, sms etc. were overwhelming. THANK YOU very much to each one of you. That meant love, support, dedication, honor, respect and commitment towards Africa, culture, traditions, humanity and development.

This blog, at a wider point of view, stands for all of the above. Its people like you who, therefore, make it worthwhile to write, read and get challenged sometimes. I must also agree that the nomination made me feel good, made me feel that I am not just writing just in vain but for a live audience out there. Thank you to whoever suggested to the committee that I am nominated. That is enough reason for me to continue writing. I shall.

I wish the rest of the bloggers whose blogs have made it to second round all the best. Feel more than free to write what you think. Lastly, I know some of you will be mad that I did not win. To all of you please play the below video, stand up and dance to Three Little Birds by one of my all time legend, Bob Marley. Thanks a lot.


Jackson Mushi said...

No Jeff!Are you sure there is no foul play here?Anyway,you remain my winner man.Keep it up!

scout said...

well we know you received notification of your nomination late....which is too bad because most of these awards are all about promotion!!! i'm sure, in fact i'm positive you would have placed if the person who nominated you informed you (which they are supposed to do). ah well!

and yes, i was mad...of course! but i calmed down and listening to a marley classic helps :)

maybenext year, jeff...... i have very good taste, you know, and i think your's is the best, no matter what!

The Intolerant One said...

There is definetly a conspiracy involved here. Probably another Liberal cover up!

I am proud to see you were even nominated Jeff. I do think you deserve the honors. As I scrolled some of the other's on the list (not refferring specifically to the cultural blogs) I felt some of them did not even belong on it and wonderd how they got there and far they will go.

You won the prize in my books.

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