Friday, April 20, 2007


If you are using glasses for reading or day to day vision, the idea of loosing your glasses even for one hour is never appealing. Can you even start to imagine how miserable such a day could turn out to be?

In developing world over 200 million people do not actually misplace their glasses but do not have one, even though they badly need them! Many people in developing world including lots of countries in Africa live in rural areas where there is no eye care available. Most are too poor to afford eye test and a pair of glasses.

Now as you know, most people in developed world change their glasses as their eyesight changes. Some people change their glasses in order to get the latest designer brands. Reasons for changing your glasses could be many.

May be you have always wondered where can I donate my old glasses in order to help someone who can not afford glasses due to poverty, unavailability of resources etc? Canadian Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centre, Third World Eye Care Society Canada or Vosh International- Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity are the people you can contact, learn more about their projects and programs hence start helping someone in need today.

If you are not in Canada, please check your country directories for local organizations with similar mission.


Helene said...

Thank you Jeff for this information, next time I want to upgrade my glasses…I will definitely know where to send them my old one….And I will make sure that I spread the word around me to other people who wears glasses.


scout said...

hey jeff!!!
the site is looking good. it kinda shocked me as i haven't been here for a know, hotpsotting can be difficult time wise.

anyways, some pharmacies and eyeglass places have boxes you can place your old glasses in , then the organization who placed them collects themm and allots to whomever.

good post to remind us all....i believe i have a few frames that need a new home.

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