Monday, May 21, 2007


The case of Darfur is one of the most worst stories of human history. It's another good example of how, as human beings, we can choose to fail and indeed succeed. Many says the war on terrorism is perhaps the most dangerous thing of the century because it threatens entire college of humanism, democracy,human rights and dignity. The way the international community have and still handles the Darfur issue is a good proof of how priorities have changed lately.What we don't understand is that by neglecting cases like Darfur we are not only doing a massive injustice to humanity but also continue the cycle of terrorism. A lot has been debated about Darfur, fingers have been pointed, and yet no concrete and workable action has been taken. Instead, the international community has avoided dealing with the issue at hand by giving naming adventure of situations to ease the tension may be. They don't want to call it a genocide, they will feel guilty.Its not a civil war, not even in Iraq. They are not the insurgents,what the hell!

Anyway on May 24th 2007, Reuters will be hosting another big debate, with distinguished panelists on the same subject of Darfur. You can join the debate, you can ask questions and above all know deeper of what international community thinks and plans to do.However, at the end of the day I still would like to see the african leaders taking action for the continental peace and development. Aren't we heading to G8 summit again as I warned two years ago with the same objectives, ready for promises?Come on.


Patrick GK said...

Hi Jeff,

Did you take part in the Reuters organised debate. An update would be most appreciated.

The international community's response to the Darfur crisis has been half-hearted at best and pathetic at worst.

I take issue with African countries' response(or lack thereof), I mean does Africa really need the US, Canada, UN and EU to come in and stop us from killing each other? I think not!

And wasn't Sudan recently (2004 or 2005) elected, uncontested, to the UN Human Rights Commission? Was it done just to snub the US, which if I recall was the only country then to call what's happening in Darfur "genocide"? The US ambassador even walked out, remember? Now the US isn't right in every aspect but in the case of Darfur they were on point.

No African leader to my knowledge, I hasted to add, has publicly condemned what's happening in Darfur, let alone try to resolve the crisis. I wonder why?

Interesting report:

scout said...

sigh. if we could get the corrupt out of everywhere and just let things be i dreaming again? naw, let's not stop working.

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