Friday, June 08, 2007


The recent legal proceedings have left me thinking, a lot of thinking actually.What is justice in North America? Do you just have to unlucky one or poor to have the painful side of the law as a visitor?

I know sometimes its somehow absurd to talk about these legal proceedings.They actually annoy me pretty much. Have you ever heard of this woman who killed her defenseless preacher husband and then get 60 days in jail?

What about someone called Paris Hilton who jogs between jail and home just like nobody knows what is going on?

In the first case, can you imagine if the killer was a man! And in the second one can you imagine if it was a case of a poor man with no money or fame.


Patrick GK said...


Stuff like this especially the Paris Hilton case happens virtually the world over, not only in North America. What's the saying again, "money talks and you-know-what walks" right! I mean do you really expect Brother Dito for example to face the music? But if it was some poor joe schmoe, oh yeah...

No wonder lawyers are filthy rich!

Jeff Msangi said...

I agree with you,they happen all over the world,what I dislike is that they happen even at the base of "prefect" America.I thought they are special!!

Patrick GK said...


I am not sure if the words "perfect" and "America" can be said in the same sentence...

Anyways, goes to show you human being are the same everywhere...

Miriam said...

I think the society can never understand the issue of abused women. Most of them manage to leave their husbands and catch up with life. But many get stuck in the situation and their husbands managed to make these women believe that they are stupid and can never be anything with out them. It is all about the strength of the soul of a woman. Not all women are strong enough to pack and go; a few may believe it is the end of their lives and end up taking such bad actions.

It is even harder to a woman to escape such an abuser if the abuser is supposed to be “a respected member of the community”. These men are very kind to everyone in the community and yet they are dictators in their homes. We have many women in Africa who go through these issues, but since Majority of African men are insensitive to these issues they tend to blame the woman. At the end, abusive men are the first to cry victims.

I believe if a woman reaches that stage of thinking the only way out is to kill, should go through a lot of help psychologically. I do not believe to kill is the answer because only God is to take us not another being. But at the same time we should be sensitive to these poor psychologically tortured souls.

Most men who kill their wives usually is claimed to be an accidental killing which happens while they are abusing their wives. Example, a man can kill his wife by punching her on the face because the food was not cooked well. Yes, he did not mean to kill her, but he should be sentenced to many years because he had no right to punch a woman for any reasons at all. People who live in Tanzania should visit TGNP office and read true stories of why some men kill their wives, and why some women kill their husbands before judging.

At the end regardless what happens, I just wish these women or men should be given help early before they commit such acts, no body deserves to be abused or killed for any reasons, such judgment should be decided only by our courts.

Anonymous said...

I hear you sister.But with all due respect,can't you contribute to the very subject of a defenceless man being killed and a killer gets 3 months in jail?I think brother Jeff was raising a good point here of inequality.From my experience the world now thinks of men as tools,lifeless stuff.Women are supposed to be handled with care because they are emotional and all stuff but men are made of rocks,abusing them or even killing them its not a big deal.They are after all the ones who abuses others often.Ineaquality treatments do not solve anything.I know probably lots of women are proud of this woman because,what;she played a victim role very well.That is not the way to go and justice was not served here.Period.What if men decided to demonstrate for this?

Miriam said...

I am not proud of what this woman did . It is wrong to take someone else's life. But what i am trying to say is that, we should respect the courts' decision.
There are many men who are abused by their wives and many women who also go through the same thing. We do not know why the court made such decision , but I would like to believe that there could be some evidence that we are not aware of.
There is no equality in this society, but we can talk about it and hopefully one day there will be equality. There are many victims of everything in this world, not only abused men or women, but also street kids, and in some countries there are no religious freedom etc.

None of the women I know are proud of this woman. So I do not understand why you believe that a lot of women are proud of this act. "Only a thief would be proud of another thief". If any one fears God, will not be proud of this act.
It is also sad that people want to believe that women are so weak that have to be handled with care. That is the old feminist saying. Young women nowadays do not sit back and cry, but they work hard to get what they want. But there are still a few who are suffering from doing just that, and so do some men.

I do not believe we should judge this woman yet. I do believe she needs help.

Anonymous said...


Before I left home this morning I watched from TV the second and final part of the documentary, The Trial of Slobodan Milosevic. The documentary shows clearly how justice system is corrupted beyond corruption.

We talk about Paris Hilton, an American! We have the likes of Paris Hilton in Tanzania too. Aren't we?

Jeff Msangi said...

We sure do and we, from time to time, talk about our Paris too.Don't we?

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