Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You have to forgive me for the little twist my blog has to take again. I have been a buffalo soldier trying to make sure that African continent is fairly represented in the western media. Right now when you hear a word “Africa” mentioned in television station and newspapers here, you’d think Africa is a single country sharing same troubles and humiliation. No wonder the fact like Equatorial Guinea is technically richer than USA never makes it to mainstream media.

I have therefore decided to rename the subtitle of my blog from The Stone That They Builders Refuse Shall Be the Head Cornerstone to What They Didn’t Want You to See and Know! Therefore, from now on much of the posts here will be focusing on great things that are happening in different countries across the African continent. I will be taking into consideration the fact that mainstream media channels out here ignores such news believing that you only want to see “bad news” to find the time you spend in front of your television or reading a newspaper, a book, a brochure worthy. We then shall see whether it’s true that good news doesn’t interests you.

Meanwhile, I am sorry that I am going to have to remain real to my countrymen. If I smell something wrong, I am going to put it here as well and clearly tell you why that way will never make us proud.



Afrikana said...

Amen to that brother. If the mainstream media won't share the goodness of Africa to the whole world then we've got to do it ourselves. I like the new subtiltle of your page because it plainly states what all of us Africans are thinking. Thank you for contineously broadcasting our thoughts to the whole wide web.

tanzanian said...

Nice job Msangi!. I liked what you wrote about how Africa is misrepresented i.e all that you see are bad news. I have one comment on that, I think the root cause of that is because of us, we don't do much to represent contnent/countries.We do very little to show the positive side of Africa. Other countries do much to advertise their own countries may be we are not persistence enough or we don't look for opportunities to be able to do that we are waiting for opportunities to look for us!big mistake!Also we don't encourage each other(look at the comments given on differrent swahili blogs!) we need to look at ourselves first before we point fingers to the west.thanks

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I liked what you wrote about how Africa is misrepresented

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