Friday, December 02, 2005


Yesterday was International Day for HIV/AIDS. Many speeches,promises and analysis of this killer disease were made. As usual politicians were not behind to capitalize and maintain their political agendas by making all of us believe that "they care". Among many stuff that were written,read and spoken there was one person who wrote a letter to President George W.Bush of USA and President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa. I have found this letter impressive and making lots of sense.Especially his suggetion number 7.Please read it here.


mandora said...

A wonderful letter and a wonderful plan. The problem is that the issue of HIV/AIDS is too removed from us in north America. We don't live in a country where 25-30% of young women get the disease before turning 25. It isn't real. For our leaders to make a committment to help, they need to see that the problem is real, and that real people suffer needlessly.

Amelopsis said...

Canadian leaders will see the reality as the problem in aboriginal communities worsens. Theirs are the worst afflicted by HIV/AIDS and the infection rates are increasing.