Monday, December 05, 2005


Its winter time in Toronto and most parts of the world. People’s faces are full of anger and shivering. Few people loves this season.Certainly I have not come across someone who loves and always in a mood of waiting for this season of the year. Unfortunately, it is longer than the cherished and most loved “summer”. Summer days are finally over. The only best hope for winter season is Christmas and New Year. People will party, receive and give lots of gifts. Families will gather and fights will erupts. Hey,don’t you know about family fights erupting on Christmas Lunch Tables? All in all, X-mas is the best time and saying farewell to the last long year is always fascinating. New year,New Hopes,so they say.

I am standing at the subway station heading to the heart of Toronto where business never stops. I overhear two young couples lamenting about how short summer days are. They console each other by kisses and hugs. In next few days hugs and kisses will be not a matter of choice anymore but necessity. Yes, it is going to get more chilly in Canada and that is the time everyone wishes to be accompanied by someone from whom they can get the natural heat. Bachelors and singles, I know its hard.I safely arrive at the heart of the city. Yonge Street is the heart of the city to me. All imaginable and unimaginable stuff happens on this longest street in the world. I am not sure brother/ sister; I have not seen the whole world. But guess what here in North America any outstanding or non-outstanding thing is considered to be of the world. I have heard about the NBA champions being baptized the world champions titles, I have heard and seen the World Music Award that were attended by Americans only, not even neighboring Canadians were invited. Still it’s considered to be World Music Award. To most North Americans the world starts and ends right here. Who should we blame?Its evening hours and everyone seems to be in a rush, the chilly winds of the beginning of winter season are already too harsh to handle. Everyone wants to reach their nests.
I am meeting brothers and sisters to discuss about cultural values and what we can do to revive our black culture which is literally dying. We want to lay down a cultural foundation that will attempt to re-define our culture far from the current one which indicates that black culture is about festivals and foods from the continent Africa.The meeting room is quite, I am the first one to arrive. I wonder where everybody is. Ooh I remember, black people and time-keeping. (May be its not just a joke)The no hurry in Africa theme does not end in Africa Above all its winter already.People need re-adjustments. Business people come along with all kind of propaganda. Man, you have to change your tires, you have to change this, and that. This is exactly what happens when seasons changes.The end of summer, end of fall, end of autumn. Is winter here already? How did this happen? Where did it go? Summer gets shorter every year. It used to be considerably longer; back in college and law school it ran from the end of finals in mid-May to the return to campus in late August. Those are common cries full of shocks and anger. Brothers and sisters who grew up here are always full of questions and answers.When does summer begin? The middle of May? Memorial Day weekend? The summer solstice? Late June, when all the kids are out of school? And when does summer end? The end of August, when college students go back to campus? Labor Day weekend? The autumnal equinox?At the back of my mind I still remember last summer. It was hot than usual and a friend of mine has called it Nudity License. Observing how people dressed I understand what he means. The definition of nudity and private parts needs some revision I think. I remember refusing going to the beach in fear of tempting my soul. I am human ladies and gentlemen! Can you real tell the difference between the so called nude beach and the normal ones? I certanly can’t.What does summer mean anyway? I was working, busy working trying to make ends meet. No holidays than few travels and rare attendance to some famous black people concerts and the popular caribana parade. If you don’t take holidays with your family does summer mean weather changes alone? I don’t even know what summer means anymore. It’s just a time of year when things are hot. And not always.It ended, then came fall followed by autumn. Its snowing now. I am not sure whether I love it when snow falls.

However, one thing that I am sure about is how much I enjoy driving along when snow is falling. I enjoy the discipline that rough drivers capture. No stupid overtakes and over-speeding. I am sure it’s a bad season for our revenue collectors. Sorry I mean police. Do you think they are interested in protecting and saving your life or they are interested in your dollars? If you are not sure ask yourself why do they hide in unimaginable places so that you speed or pass a stop sign first before they show up. What if you speed up and get involved in a terrible car accident?(please don’t speed) You die eenh. What if you had seen the police car in front of you? Would you have speeded?Hey brothers and sisters are here, the meeting is on. Remind me to write more later on.

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