Tuesday, January 03, 2006


2005 has finally gave the last salute and welcomed 2006. To me 2005 disappears as the year that saw the African continent making some headlines in the "mainstream media" of the western countries. The Live8 concert when oiling its campaign "Make Poverty History" is credited for the highlighting of the continent.I am sure even students who had never known anything about Africa became aware of the continent.Whether they got a positive outlook or usual negatives,I wouldn't bother to know for now.Its my hope that the western media will make it a priority to showcase the progress that the continent has/is making without forgeting to showcase the beauty of the continent so that the media originating propaganda that only civil wars,diseases,monkeys,HIV,poverty lives in Africa. Good governance should be measured equal wise.If Paul Martin government is caught into sponsorship scandal and nothing of sort happens in Africa the mainstream media should not hesitate to report.For further analysis of the progress the continent is making read here.

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raslalique said...

While I've never been to Africa, as a black person I too feel that it is time for Africa to receive some positive attention in the media.

I'm sure that disease, famine, war and AIDS aren't the only things we could mention about Africa.