Monday, December 19, 2005


For decades and decades the United States of America has been against the economical systems called Socialism a.k.a communism.(I don't see any differences).She has been against it in such a way that she is ready to launch any military attacks just to kill any elements of socialism anywhere in the world.There must be a reason, a reason that is sometimes simplified to selfishness.What is wrong with other countries to choose socialism as opposed to capitalism?
The recent Bolivian elections are viewed as a new uprising of socialist revolution from Latin American countries.Most countries in Africa which followed socialism after attaining independence from colonialists have almost given up.Undefined economical policies is dominant now.My motherland country of Tanzania is one of them.
Apparently,there is a beauty of socialism. If you ask me North America has and will always need to incorporate lots of socialism elements in order to remain "societies". The community centres,help for the poor,the homeless,the elders etc are all true values of socialism.Perhaps what differs is capitalism nature of economics whereby very few people own all means of economics. Canada's air transportation and telecommunication industries are two examples of how capitalism operates.
I am not injecting my "socialism" cross-overs here but trying to answer one hard question...why does US (and remotely Canada) hate socialism that much? Isn't the world a better place when freedom of choices is guaranteed?


The Intolerant One said...

Once again, my friend, you have written a very interesting article. Your challenging peoples thinking...I like that! I am going to re-read this at a later time so I can draw some of my own conclusions.

In the meantime I wanted to pop by your blog to wish you a Merry Christmas. May the spirit of God's peace be upon you.

Jeff Msangi said...

Thank you Q-Tip.I also wish you a very Merry Christmas.Stay blessed

Amelopsis said...

Your thought is indeed thought provoking as qtip says and I'll be rereading it myself.

Peaceful wishes to you these holidays, Jeff.

mandora said...

Same here. Just popping in to wish happy holiday cheer, and I will make a real comment about this very interesting topic after the holidays.

The Intolerant One said...

I am not sure that the U.S. or, as you say, remotely Canada hate socialism in as so much as what they fear it can turn into. The former USSR (Soviet Union) was birthed on socialism. It evolved into what we would then refer to as communism.

How did this occur? You actually answer your own question, somewhat, when you ask:

" Isn't the world a better place when freedom of choices is guaranteed?"

Socialism always starts out sounding like a good idea at the begining. However, as we see in Canada in recent years, when one freedom infringes upon another freedom we end up heading the opposite direction in which we started. We now have to start eliminating "freedoms" to the point where there are no longer any "freedoms" left except that which the Governing body dictates.

It almost always creeps into society unnoticed by the masses( and over a long period of time) due to it's suddle introduction into governing "laws" and "policies". Before too long and anyone has had a chance to notice, all the "rights" and "freedoms" we thought existed, are no longer available to us.

When it get's to that point we then head down the path towards a communistic state.

In my opinion, Jeff, socialism does not guarantee rights or freedoms. If it did..even I would support it.

Although I must say in fairness that I am not opposed to the "concept". As I stated sounds good, in theory, but as imperfect beings I find we fail to carry it out the way it was intended.

Jeff Msangi said...

You make a good argument here.However,do you think if socialism does not offer freedom and rights does capitalism do so?What do you think is between Cuba and USA?Do you know where did it all start?Is there any socialist country in the world that has a "go ahead per se" from USA?I believe in mass free choices and capitalism speaks different language on this.

The Intolerant One said...

Here is my understanding of Capitalism.

It offers free enterprise. Should you choose to, you build from the ground up. The harder you work the more established you become. For those who do nothing and contribute little to society they will achieve less. But they maintain the "right" and "freedom" to choose the outcome of their lives.

Socialism would prop up the "lazy" individuals who want to contribute less to society and yet expect the same (for example) financial reward of those who worked hard to get where they are at.

Please do not misunderstand what I am saying. I do feel society should look after the less fourtanate such as the physically impaired, the "temporarily" unemployed, and the elderly. But I disagree with welfare handouts to people who are perfectly capable of working but feel it is their "right" instead to sit at home and let the taxpayer cover them.

Yet I find that socialism caters to those who are quite capable of contributing to society and yet still seem to feel that somehow society(socialist government) owes them. I do not know if this is how it works in other countries this is just what I expeirence with Canadian socialist governments. This may not make sense to you at all.

With regards to US and Cuba. I am not that familiar with the entire situation. As I understand it the whole thing between those two countries began when Fidel Castro pointed missles at American soil back in the sixties.

You ask an interesting question when you say:

"Is there any socialist country in the world that has a "go ahead per se" from USA?"

I am not so sure that countries need the US's go ahead. The US does not invade every country that disagrees with them. Canada is a prime example of that. In fact I often recall(over time) the US being attacked first because foreign countries disagree with their capitalist views. Or they at least threaten them.

When the US's way of life is constantly threatened in such a way I believe they are protecting themselves from a potential attack by sometimes planning a pre-emptive strike. Usually on a nation that has already threatened them in the past or is becoming a threat.

Of course that is not the way all the time. We would have to look at individual wars and battles but I am just generalising.

Although it may come across that I am defending Capitalism I am actually not sure I would defend either. If I look deep inside what I believe, I would most likely support a Theocratic society. I do not mean despot type of rule but one based on unchanging moral absolutes. Where murder is murder. Marriage is marriage. Adultery is adultery..etc.

Too often socialism messes with "rights" freedoms" and "values"
that everything in that setting becomes diluted and watered down that we eventually suffer a societal breakdown. We no longer function because everybodies differing rights and freedoms have removed all accountability due to the lack of a firm foundation of absolutes.

Jeff Msangi said...

My dear friend Q-Tip,
I am sorry but I feel that you were once upon a time fed the "theories" about socialism,communism which are very wrong.I am making an assumption that you have never lived in a socialist country.The dyanamics are completely different from what they taught you in school."Freedom and rights" that you talk about forces me to pave a different way.Canada is not a socialist country at all and US has never left Canada alone even once.Just switch on your tv tonight and see what I mean.Have a walk,do window shopping and tell me if you are in Canada or somewhere in the US.Do you know what The Bay is heading?Peace

The Intolerant One said...

You may be right. I will take you up on your advice. I certainly do not close myself off to the fact that I could be "misled" as you say.

I will look further into my own preconceptions. In the meantime I think it would help, if when you have time, you could maybe elaborate some more on your own views. I enjoy the whole learning expeirence.

Thank you for the challenge.

PS: I appreciate your views and opinions and, if it sits well with you, I have added you to my blog links. Blessings to you.

mandora said...

K, I'm avoiding work so I'm going to post on this topic, since I've wanted to for a long while and just havn't had the motivation. Socialism is not communism. And communism is not dictatorship, contrary to what north Americans think.

Here's a little lesson, then my 2 cents.

Socialism is an economic and social organizational system, in which the needs of all people are put first. It is based on a complete democracy, and no one individual is responsible for decision making. The idea of socialism is that it is the opposite of individualism, where the rights of the individual are upheld as first and foremost. (as you can see, Canada/US is clearly based on's written into our Charter). There are no 'classes' and everyone is put on an even playing field, regardless of their skills and abilities, since everyone is seen as being equal and equally important. Also, if we're talking a Marxist approach, the means of production are communally owned, and everyone has a stake in the outcome of the production process.

Communism is a further extension of socialism, in that there is no personal property, and everything is shared 'communally'. There would be no need for 'wages', the state would provide you with what you needed to live - nothing more, nothing less because private property doesn't exist, and there's no reason to buy anything.

Therefore, socialism is the macro picture, and communism is simply an extension.

Therefore, if we look at this, what we have seen in the world in China, Cuba, South America, etc., is not really communism, nor is it socialism, in the purest sense of the word. It is impossible to have a communist or socialist state where there is also a dictator. A communist dictatorship is a contradiction in terms. Everything must be on a democratic basis.

However, I'm not that much of an idealist to suggest that socialism or communism can work in practise. It sounds like a great idea, and I wish I could have faith that it's feasible. Unfortunately, I think that since atleast SOME people will always be self-interested, there will always be SOMEONE who takes advantage of the system. Indeed, I think that our experience with 'communism' thus far has shown us the likely outcome of any communist experiments. It has great potential to work on a small scale, but I seriously doubt it's ability to be applied to entire states without negative consequences.

The end. :)