Sunday, May 07, 2006

In The Name of Justice?

Last weekend I visited the capital city of Canada.The sky was blue and the weather was just perfect for a tourist like myself.Was I a tourist? May be yes, may be no,of course I had other businesses to accomplish in Ottawa.When you talk about Canada you are almost talking about Ottawa. Every angle ends in there and as they say,if you want to win you have to practise with the best.That is my opinion anyway.At the parliament grounds I came accross a number of people whom you could not fail to notice their "tourists" status because of the cameras and other tech gadgets they were carrying.Am I being judgemental?I also came accross a man who was surely not a tourist.He goes by the name Bryon Prior(in the picture).He was there not only to practise his "freedom of speech",(see the two sides of the banners which were lying on the green grasses of the parliament grounds) but also to put down some serious allegations against one retired supreme court judge.If the allegations are ever proven to be true I am sure Ottawa will have yet another huge debates on who can do what when given power!As I am putting this piece I am still not very sure of the validity of his claims.See,the world has changed a lot.Its very hard to know who is genuine and who is not.I will therefore let you be my co-investigators and judges.However,if there is any truth please let us help justice to be served!You can read more about the whole issue here.

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The Intolerant One said...

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I tend to believe Byron's story. What kind of man would waste 40 years of his life trying to bring justice to a situation of abuse if it never really occured?

There must be some validity to his story. The judge he speaks of was awarded the "Order of Canada" and is now on the "request for removal" list. Only 2 other Canadians have ever had their "oder" taken back from them. It must be serious if they are considering removing T. Alex Hickmans.

It makes me sick to think that all the authorities are doing nothing about this. They are at the very least obligated to do a thorough investigation under such serious charges.

Justice? What justice? May God defend this man's honor.