Friday, May 12, 2006


Recently, the president of Iran-Mahmood Ahmadinejad wrote a letter to president George W.Bush. As usual,as it is known,such hard core letters do not get a chance in most of the western media spotlights.It all has to do with who owns the media,belongs to which political philosophy,with whom do they eat dinners and plays golf with etc.

Diplomacy has never been at the best angle than in what the Iran president is trying to push here. The UN was,in my opinion,supposed to have written this kind of letters to all the presidents of the world,whom hands keeps shaking when blood is washed off them. I am putting here the letter so that you have a chance to read it carefully,analyze it perfectly because the whole letter contains warnings,teachings and resolutions.
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Anonymous said...

there is not link to the letter

Michuzi said...


no link to the letter

Jeff Msangi said...

The link is back now.Thanks for notifying me.