Monday, June 19, 2006


Sometimes life becomes so busy to the extent that we completely forget where we are from,where we are going,who we are and most dangerous what to do! Once in a while I am a victim of all the above.However,I thank my god(yes my god and not yours) that he does not allow me to loose my mind even for one minute.How could the feeling of loosing my mind for even one minute be?Do you ask yourself the same questions I do sometimes?

For over a month now I have not been able to post anything new on this site.That should not give you an authority to bury my soul because I am not dead yet.I have been alive and kicking just trying to put lots of time on what we call personal development. Have had good time to look at the finances,journals,setting realistic goals,think more positive.Quite all the things that are written on best selling how-to books I see on the shelves of Chapters and company.

I have also kept following the news.Following the terrorism threats, deaths due to it etc etc.The unique coalition that Canada is forming with United States. The commanding tone and assurance that the Canadian govt keeps sending to Washington that Canada is a safe haven knocks my head all night long.Is it illegal not to assure your neighbor about their safety following matters that happens at home? Good neighborhood spirit,may be,may be. There are things that if you do not get yourself too involved into,they will never bother you or your family,correct? Well,may be I am just too much used of seeing Canadian forces as peacekeepers and not frontline warriors aiming at killing whoever threatens them.

But what happened to the Mission Accomplished banner?Was that another lie that no one wants to ask about now?Come on now.How many innocent people will/should die in the name of peace?Isn't there any other way to maintain peace in this world than guns and roses?

Well,no politics today.I just wanted to assure my readers that I am alive and following whatever is happening in the world..but this time with pain that innocent people are dying for all the good and bad reasons.


queen of light and joy said...

I was JUST thinking again this morning... "I wonder where Jeff is?"
It's good to see you posting again, and getting your mental, spiritual, mind, and body inventory together and ALWAYS a good thing. *smile*

michael the tubthumper said...

everyone thinks those things but one of the reasons there is so much shit in the world is that leaders of all nationalitiles religions and ethnicities spend a lot of time deliberatley cutting us off from each other. you know the sort of thing...

"THEY are not like US."

all the leaders do it. it is how they keep control. its the way they think.

as bill hicks said the leaders are thinking..."what will happen to the arms industry and the economy when they realise we are all one. shit. the economy that is FAKE anyway"

The Intolerant One said...

I too am glad to see you are still alive and kicking. I missed your postings and our interaction.

Be well my friend.