Wednesday, August 30, 2006


In case you didn't know,confidence is power.I remember been told/reminded that fact some years ago when my mentors were injecting in me "the powers" that they always believed and wanted me to posses. I am not sure whether that was a success but I am comfortable that at least the bells that keeps me awake when needed to, sings the same tunes;confidence is power!

The Iranian president, Mr.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is one man who is a living proof of a marriage between confidence and power.He is confident, too confident to the extent that all of us are most of times left to wonder,where does his confidence come from? Faith?God?Islam? Questions after questions.

Few months ago Mr.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had written
this open letter to Untied States president,George W.Bush. Neither Mr.Bush himself or his white house administration ever responded.If they did,then they never made it public as he did.Lack of confidence? Perhaps after that long silence from Washington the Iranian president now wants a live televised debate with not anyone else but same Yale University graduate,who went on to become Untied States president. He is even questioning the UN's security council authority. Now that is confidence,isn't it?

On top of the list is an interesting food for thought on what if George Bush turns down this offer? What will his reason be? Can't debate with a terrorist? What will you think after having falled in love and always believed in western democracies of debating almost everything even those which were traditionally forbiden for debates?I am waiting to hear the response from Dark House. If you are lucky please watch President Mahmoud's interview with CBS correspondent Mike Wallace


Scout said...

so a 'dark house' (love it!) spokesman has totally rejected the idea of a debate.

i clicked on the 60 minutes interview and only made it past ahmadinejad's cagey response to being asked about his saying the holocaust is a myth.

i don't think bush could debate the guy. yale or not (and he probably cheated to get through), bush simply does not have the brains . then of course there's the 'yucky' factor......i think i'd be sick watching the two of them....neither is better then the other.

of course i'm sure it would draw billions of viewers. the questioin is, who is the bigger sociopath? their styles are different but they'replaying the same game.

"23. 45. 12. Hup Hup Hup.....KABOOM!!!!"

The Intolerant One said...

Hey Jeff,

Been awhile my friend.

Regarding Mahmoud, considering this is the same indivudal who espouses his hatred for Israel by referring to them as a blot on the globe and has vowed to "wipe" them off the face of the earth, personally, I would not give him the time of day.

I certainly do not blame Bush for not wanting to indulge in a debate with such a hateful man. Call him what he is, a terrorist! And terrorists deserve absolutley zero recognition of any kind.

Jeff Msangi said...

To you what amounts to one be labbeled a "terrorist"?I for one,fails to differentiate the between lines.Somebody help me please.

Jeff Msangi said...

I also ended up almost at the same spot while watching Mr.President's interview.I am investigating why.

Do you think this would help us in our search for the proper definition of a "terrorist".Check this link

Scout said...

i don''t know why we had to stop watching there jeff. for me it was like, 'ok, this guy is wily and going to evade every question that's put to him that reeks of controversy.....after all, he's on american tv and trying to appeal to the american people. if you throw in a question that involves jews and say that the holocaust was fake, you're going to loose 9/10ths of the audience right there. don't know, would have to watch more of it to really see.

but he just seemed like another bush i guess...someone who skirts the issues. and we're about all bloody done with watching politicians like this i think.

as for terrorists...that's perspective. the oppressed rise, and the mideast has been played with since the british invaded last century. iran's not doing anything the states isn't with all it's security breeches. only now we've got madmen at the helm almost the world over.

does the west really think they are the only responsible ones.....heck, look at all their nuclear testing...wiped out islands, ruined oceans, and their own people sick and diseased from working at these places.


The Intolerant One said...

You know what Jeff, maybe "terrorist" was a little off the cuff of me to say. Sometimes I type with too much emotion and not enough thought.

Maybe "Facist Dictator" would be more applicable. Either way he is a dangerous man and I don't see a parrellel between him and Bush.

Jeff Msangi said...

I think I have to agree with what Scout is saying,they are almost identical(him and Bush).I can't tell the difference.However,I can tell that one is more confident than the other.He therefore draws some power and authority.
I would have loved to see that debate,for sure.Just to hear what any of them will have to say.

The Intolerant One said...

How is it you cannot see a difference? One wanted the removal of a dictator (Bush ousting Saddam).

The other out of pure hatred towards an entire race of people wants the extermination of an entire country and all those who reside in it.

No politics there, just mean spirited spitefulness. I would suggest there is a huge difference.

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