Friday, September 01, 2006


Where I come from there is a saying that says "shughuli ni watu".Literally it means there is no people,there is no event/party.Simple as that. I bet that is true,isn't it? This photo was taken during 2006 Caribana parade.Can you see me there?


Scout said...

holy people batman!!! ya, i see you, you're the guy with the beer in one hand and shaking your touche like no one's watching, right?

Jeff Msangi said...

Nooooo,that's not me Scout!Good try though.

Scout said...

well, ok, if you say so :)

i like your new pic or avatar or whatever they call those things. can you tell me about it?

Jeff Msangi said...

Yes,you are right,its an avatar.To me it represent the rastafarian movement.I am now studying deeply about it.If you happen to have any materials or links towards that study please email me.Thanks.

Scout said...

jeff, no i don't. the youth i know who are close to it tell me it's patriarchal and spiritual and political in origins. and of course there's the ganja aspect.

i do know that some get 'ticked off' seeing white people with rasta hairdos, but the rasta braids were in celtic culture and other non-african based ones too. so if you see someone with a rasta do, they may not necissarily be rastifarian.

The Intolerant One said...

Your the one who climbed the tree! (LOL)

Seriously, are you in that picture?

Jeff Msangi said...

Yes I am in the picture.Should I put it as a contest for someone to win a trip to climb mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania?

Amelopsis said...

Jeff have you ever seen the 'Where's Waldo?' puzzles? You could blow up the photo and doctor's offices everywhere would hang them on the wall..."Where's Jeff?" of course you'd have to tell us what you're wearing.

Interesting that you're getting into Rastafarianism. I don't know too much about it aside from that strict dietary and lifestyle choices involved in addition to the following of Haile Sellasie (that's where my knowledge thins out terribly). That said, the few Rasta's I've known were not entirely devout about every detail. I'd be interested in the read if you made a post about it, that's for sure.

Jeff Msangi said...

I am wearing a white t-shirt and dark blue denim.

Amelopsis said...

Jeff, I give up - I can't spot you in that photo. But now I could really go for a drink of fresh coconut water!

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