Friday, September 08, 2006


Recently,I came accross the north american phenomena called Blue Men.
Although these guys have existed since 80's, of recent they have become talks and talks of cities and towns. Did I like their performances...mmmh.Not very sure. But well,they made it,they are living now for being blue! What a big apple North America is,is that right?


POTASH said...

This is a beautifully designed blog. Just stumbled on it...will return.

Scout said...

never heard of them but they LOOK cool. they call new york 'the big apple'. i don't know what they call north america....the call the u.s. 'a melting pot' and canada 'a mosaic'. first nations call north america 'turtle island'.

glad you and your family would welcome me!!!! and i would welcome them here!!!!!

Jeff Msangi said...

I didn't know all those names Scout.See,life is interesting,I learn new stuff everyday.Hug for you Scout.

My new visitor Potash,you are warmly welcome.Feel at home.

Scout said...

well jeff, you wouldn't have learned that kind of stuff in school awaaaaaaaaaay over there.

'melting pot' refers to americn philosophy of letting cultures blend and flow into one another. mosaic has been the canadian approach to keeping varying cultures alive and seperate. it's each nation's way of dealing with varying groups and immigrants.

ya know what, i have no idea why new york is called 'the big apple' so you inspired me to look it up. there is debate about the history of the term

as far as i know , turtle island is a 'mythical' island formed by the original animals on the back of a turtle. this was to receive aataentsic, the original woman who fell from above, and where all of her descendants, and those of the animals which played a part in the creation of the island dwell. (i copied that from somewhere).

...and so the cycle of us both learning continues , whew!

what about the original name of your country and it's origins, any idea?

and big hug back!!!

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