Thursday, September 14, 2006


Yes I have been quite, I admit. I have been watching news, listening to the same old radio; I have had it for eighteen years now. It still gives me the vibes I need, same old wacko jacko thriller. Been busy watching the documentaries. My TV set is still black and white. I am an old school, I admit and not complain. But I can see the flying planes hitting the twin towers, oops I poor me I thought “twin” was only for human beings. I see politicians’ faces, fake tears flowing from their cheeks. If you are like me, you wonder what are they made of? My friend Scout reminds me of their abnormalities when she states…only if they were normal. That calms my nerves down.

September 11, 2001. Surely I can not forget this day. How can I? It killed lots of innocent people as well as my right for free movement without fear or lots of immigration officer’s questions. Right now they can ask me anything, it’s their duty they say. They can even ask me what color is my underwear! If I decline to answer, charges can be placed against me, terrorism charges. I am mad at that day…however, I am mad at nobody. Intelligence is a game, isn’t it? Who is responsible for that day? Are you following the presidential confessions that go unnoticed every other day? Democracy at work, you lie and get away with it.

I am reading books, reading sites (the carefully chosen ones). Don’t lie to me anymore even if you are an author. I can tell when you have been paid to write what you write while you do not believe a shit about it. You are just like any other commodity I can buy from Canadian Tire…hey is this thing Canadian for real? Please tell me now because I am in a campaign. Tell you about it later. We call them mainstream, they are paid to deceive us, to manipulate facts and figures, yet we spend too much time watching them. I am not, count me out.

Well before I post this message, here comes yet sad news. Someone opened randomly fire at
Dawson College in Montreal. The man’s name is Kimveer Gill and he has a profile on . While thinking of the families who have lost their loved ones due to all these as well as those who are now besides the hospital beds watching their beloved ones while praying that the doctor comes out with only good news, I am also thinking, who can we blame? This young man or his social upbringing? Do you think we can point the tough fire fingers to the video games that he compared them to real life when he said in his profile that life is like a video game, you got to die somewhere! How many are out there with same thoughts? Will we say we didn’t know...Wish we knew? Okay, what if it’s true that the boy was seriously bullied?


Scout said...

ahhhhh, good old radio and co-op stations and n.p.r. !

and yes, i must 'normalize' someone soon but i've been at a loss, so suggestions are welcome :)

LOVE the line about canadian this canadian thing for real? welcome to the 'free world', free for manipulating, and sold pretty well for free to the u.s.

what a drag you'd be targetted as a potential terrorist. sucks. the hawaiin kahunas say the witch hunt has only just begun and people like myself who do healing (i like to just call it helping to make people feel better) will be targetted soon. come and get me, harper-bush gang, i'll be sitting here with love.

now if you'll excuse me i have to make a list of different types of underwear to buy so i can answer them with , 'multicoloured with pink polka dots , red stripes and mickey mouse'. that will make their paper work a little longer :)

Jeff Msangi said...

What should I say Scout,you just amazes me with how beautifully crafted and to the point your comments are.
The details about the underwear made me laugh and think at the same time.So true.What a world these bunch of....are creating.

Maisha said...

nice blog here.i would say pretty poetic too...:)

Trio Kaka said...

Jeff This radio of yours reminds me of the good old record players, you know the ones that used single "santuri" and LPs. My "small daddy" - baba mdogo (I hate to call him uncle coz he is not my uncle by all measure) used to own Phillips brand and I think Changer.

On this changer we used to stack lots of santuris and the changer dropped and played one by one. I see them in the stores now days - kind of, for some reasons my heart pushes me to buy one but I know doing so at the time when people are buying IPOD I will be pushing my self back in time, I don want to buy IPOD either coz it is too small for my money.

I used to be a proud owner of National Memorex radio cassette, Man what a radio that was! I went all over with it, There is no place that I went without carrying it with me. I wish I could do the same thing even now but I guess this animal called technology ruined my pleasure coz now we have radios even in cars, computers too play music/radio, Radios are on satellites too ooogh. where’s the fun?

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