Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The UN General Assembly is on high kick.Speeches are being delivered. African statesmen and their huge entourage are busy in New York.Come on,lets be real here,what they say does not matter,does not deny anyone a sleep. These are first class tourists unless something changes drastically. Therefore when I say busy I mean busy shopping,soliciting business(personal may be) begging investors to come and screw their economies as well as meeting some of their countrymen who now resides abroad,in untied states of America.

These countrymen asks silly questions when they meet.I call them silly because they surely know the answers, the political ones of course. "Mr. President,when will your leadership grant us the right to vote when abroad"? Mr.President smiles and answers " we know the importance of you being able to vote,we are working on".Now chairman,didn't you know this answer? Well I don't ask,I act.

Hate him or love him, I believe this man makes sense,at least from what he says in his speeches.Yes,I am talking about Iranian president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. His yesterday speech was fantastic..only if somebody could actually listen rather than just being influenced with what mainstream media is telling them. By the way,I hate when someone comes to me claiming to have evidences on issues just because they saw it on Cnn,Fox,Bbc, and the rest.Negro Please. You can read his
entire speech here. Please read it.I am begging you.

Now to the above picture. That is a homeless man in Toronto, actually at City Hall grounds. Poverty is real,even in these countries that wants us to believe otherwise. They just need to look at their neighborhoods to understand what it means when people talk about poverty.


Scout said...

i don't quite 'get' Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. yes, it was a good speech, but it also spells: we are testing you to the max, u.n. and u.s.a.. and maybe that's what the world needs, i dont know.
but nuclear technology is certainly not NEEDED in iran, as peaceful technology....this speech is only a stepping stone to grant them thte same rights afforded the u.s. and other countries....again , the test.

also, he goes on about iran being able to help other middle east countries but it sounds like rather coersive measures, as though iran wants to be the power bed of the mid-east.....restoring palestine is only one example.

so while spirituality and monoatheist religion is used as examples, it seems like it is lip service to cover ulterior motives. somehow he seems , like so many, to be buzz wording his appeal , just like everywhere. it's like the united states but in antithesis to the states, only not reallly.....does that make sense? there's probably some good word for it that's not in my vocabulary.

anyways, he's throwing everything back in everyone's faces, isn't he?

homeless man. the site is growing in canada. in hawaii they say, 'ah, no man, we not homeless, look around, this our home, beautiful isn't it. we HOUSELESS!'. of course they don't have snow to deal with :)

Jeff Msangi said...

I think I will choose not to agree with your views here.I believe in total freedom,to any country to exercise their rights to pursue any scientific development including Iran.

There could be hiden motives.Iran could be looking towards building its own kind of "empire" in the middle east,fine.But as long as no one can bring about the proof to the hiden agenda aspect,I think they should be allowed to pursue their nuclear ambitions.

When we have some of the countries dictating what other countries can do,should do or not do,we have a problem right there.

Scout said...

k, i guess we have to agree to disagree on some level. its the u.n. that needs a bit of revamping in this case and outlawing nuclear technology all together, in my opinion. maybe this is part of the test iran is putting the world to, which isn't a bad test at all.

i think his aspect of testing everyone is quite says 'you allow nuclear in other countire so you have to allow it in iran and heres the legal clause under your rules that says so'. that's ok, he's throwing it all in everyone's face as i said. the u.n. is going to have to think this through and concede that iran is indeed allowed to persue this avenue.

it's his use of spirituality and religion i question , but then that's a test too, isn't it, for it is words put in different context but have the basic same meaning as the dribble that comes out of bush's mouth.. that's why i say he's like the antithesis of bush, but not.

very clever man. he makes you think and no wonder bush won't debate him, he's far more intelligent.