Thursday, September 21, 2006


What about Chavez?Do we agree with the case he is putting on international tables?Do we need need a new UN?If at all I agree with his suggestion, I have one condition; the next Secretary General has to be a woman.What do you think? You can read Venezuela's president, Hugo Chaves's speech here.I liked it.


Scout said...

chavez is about the only person making sense these days. i applaud him for lashing out at bush and calling him on things.

as for a woman...only if it's not a sacrificial lamb who's a puppet of the oligarchy.

btw jeff, a 92 year old friend here has just written a plan for africa which he believes will help. if you are interested in reading it please email me at and i can forward it through. he is looking for feedback.

Trio Kaka said...

I concur with Scout, Chavez is trying to be himself, he speaks his mind and believes in his conviction.

I did not like the lashing out part by calling Mr. Bush the devil or alcoholic sick man even if sometimes Bush uses similar languages when he reffers some other leaders. It's not right to call other countries names like axis of evil etc etc similary its not a good thing to call the president devil especially in the UN assembly regardless of whether UN is functioning the way it should or not.

I believe the UN needs to be reformed and it needs to be reformed now. Like the issue of permanent security council membership, veto, globalization etc needs to be transformed. They should reflect the majority not just what USA or UK wants or rather G Whatever!

I hope African leaders stops making the UN assembly the begging platform, they ain't making hard to make thing right in their respective countries instead they are spending lots of time to come up with different ways of begging. I know we are not being treated fairly in the global arena but that shoudn't be an excuse for our leaders to slack and accept the situation to continue the way it is.

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