Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Wonders never cease. You have probably heard that sentence before or used it yourself in daily conversation somewhere. But how true is it? I have used it a million times. I remember using it when the americans re-elected George W.Bush instead of John Kerry in 2004 US presidential elections. I bet I can use it again when somewhere in India, medical miracle suggests that a man too can become pregnant. Read this story.


Scout said...

whoa!!!!!! TOO WEIRD! i wonder how long the twin lived for if it had long nails????

The Intolerant One said...

I doubt this is any indication of men getting prenant. It appears more likely that this was an undeveloped malformity. As the article seems to suggest it was a "sibling".

I don't know if you are serious Jeff but that is no medical miracle. What it demonstrated to me is how I can maybe take my own health system for granted. If I had that growing out of me I would have had it looked after 25 years ago! (LOL) Maybe health care is way too expensive over there and he could not get it looked into until he absolutley had too. (Ouch, it looked painful)

Still, that was a very interesting article. Definetly something you do not see everyday.

Amelopsis said...

Jeff this is weird indeed!!! Scout I was wondering the same things as you - fingernails?? But I assumed (no good reason) that he did live and wondered what was done with him/her(?)

Intolerant, for a common village farmer in India, a visit to a western medical doctor or hospital is most definitely not affordable unless it's a life threatening situation, which is what seems to have finally happened. While they have some of the best trained doctors and facilities there, they're geared toward servicing the money'd classes, and foreigners from England, US, Canada, etc., who seek cheaper operations when waiting times get lengthy or the price at home is simply too high. Providing health care to poor villagers is not done within any universal context there.

Scout said...

amelopsis, yes, great comment, so true, unfortunetly.

The Intolerant One said...


" Providing health care to poor villagers is not done within any universal context there."

Although I was not "in the know" it most certainly made sense that these people had to in someway be deprived of medical care when money was an issue.

Thanks for the info on how it works over there. That is sad that only money counts when it comes to preserving one's health.

Jeff Msangi said...


Trio Kaka said...

Jeff that was a very nice article, You reminded me of Leonard Mambombotela's radio show that went by the name "Je wajua"

Have you also heard of Chimera - twins who fuse together in the womb and form one person.

Science and Technology sometimes isn't a straightforward solution to medical mystries, one women almost lost her kids to the government because her DNA did not match her own kid's! Why? because she was her own twin, to make the matter even complicated, her kids took her twin's DNA the lady woman was even accused of being surrogate mother!

The Intolerant, I think in most places everywhere in the world, I do not know about Scandinaviana countries money is the factor on what kind of medical treatment you can get.

Scout said...

what i don't understand over here in north amreica, is why capitalism is so revered and so many of the poor and disenfranchised, the sick and elderly people who keep voting and upholding it's existance. that brain washing stuff is pretty powerful!!!!

TOO strange about the woman who was her own twin!

Amelopsis said...

Our healthcare system here is being eroded deliberately to make room for the profiteering of the private care sector; so I believe, and witness.

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