Thursday, October 05, 2006


If you ask a question "why is Africa under-developed"? You may hear lots of answers, some of them may even suprise you.It depends on who is asking the question and who is ready to answer. One of the popular answers is that African leaders are corrupt. This may be true, I am not positively sure.

The reason why I am not very sure is that I have always considered the "corruption" as two way traffic highway. One gives, one takes. My view has always been that,just like in adultery cases, you can not blame one side and let another one scot free. Same is the case with "corrupt leaders" of Africa. Who corrupts them? Is it fair to condemn the African leaders corrupt without also hammering their counterparts, individually and the countries they are from?

Luckily, it seems like someone has started to listen. Bribe and corruption are just one word with different letters. Check
this article here and ask yourself...who is even more corrupt..Africa or....


Scout said...

in a court of law the briber and the bribee would both be guilty. its the whole frickin' system that's corrupt....same goes on at many native reservations.

people are spiritually bankrupt everywhere yet 'in the black' financially. what's wrong with this picture?

i've never quite understood the notion of 'under developed'. in conqueror terms this would mean the resources are not being exploited enough, there's not enough refineries and factories to take people from their families and move to the cities to lead unnatural lives, and not enough robot-mentallity to shove aside the hazards of environemntal and social decay this all produces.

'under developed' in holistic terms would mean the people are not taking charge because of oppression , so they suffer.

no wonder there's uprisings ....what else do the dictators of a cancerous system expect?

Jeff Msangi said...

You are very right Scout,
The uprisings,the new ngoma(dance) called "democracy",the new named ghost called globalization,the code called terrorism.What a fake world!

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