Friday, November 17, 2006


Some days comes with great news. That is how sweet life is. Today is one of them to me. I have just received notification that this blog (African Perspective) has been nominated for 2006 Canadian Blog Awards in Best Cultural Blog category. Many thanks to whoever nominated me for the award. My love to culture must have influenced this consideration.

Votes are now underway. I for one need your votes to win. Isn’t that obvious? It could be but I don’t want to take your vote for granted. Therefore, I am asking you to vote for me. You can cast your vote (for me) by
clicking here. Scrow down until you see Best Cultural Blog category. After a tick in African Perspective, scrow down again and submit your vote at the end of the page. Thank you!


James said...

Congratulations Jeff,
You are one simple man who takes life with carefulness and simplicity.I can now guess that its your attachment to cultural values that makes you human.Kila la kheri.

scout said...

jeff, you know you have my vote...your passion and insights keep culture alive!

best of luck.

Jeff Msangi said...

Thanks James,Thanks Scout.I appreciate!


Voti yangu ya leo isha pigwa. Nadhani ingekuwa poa unge julisha watu kuwa wanaweza kupiga kura kila siku mara moja

Joel said...

Jeff Hongera kazi nzuri!
Kura nimepiga na nitawaarifu wenzangu wengine huku Poland na Tz kupitia kundi letu la mtandao nao wakupe tafu!
Mungu akubariki,
Joel Apiyo

The Intolerant One said...

That is so awesome Jeff. I am completely jealous, in a good way.

Congragulations on this honor. I gave you my vote of support. Way to go!!!