Friday, November 17, 2006


Few weeks ago, when I asked my readers to reflect to me what they would like to have me blogging about, one of them asked if I can talk about African Music. Now when you talk about african music, you are talking about something real huge,something attached to the soul and hearts of millions.You will be touching some people's foundation of life.While I am still gathering the long "literature" about that topic, I thought some of you would enjoy getting a taste of rythm from Tanzania mixed up with Congolese tunes. Have fun


scout said...

music....the international language....definetly a song of joy and celebration!!!

what gets me is how the 'conquerors' labelled africans as primitive. african music uses sophisticated rhythms (which the celtics borrowed from) and the scales contain notes not found in western music. what's primitive about that???

i tried african dance a couple of times when a troupe came to our community (i can't remember which country they were from). hoo! talk about deft and complex moves. of course, the dancers made it look so easy, but like the hula, there's a lot of subtelty in those big moves and incredible body awareness must be had to accomplish them. needless to say, i was no master :)

thanks for the peek into tanzanian music, i enjoyed it.

Mija Shija Sayi said...

Jeff hii nilikuwa sijawahi kuiona, bomba ile mbaya!

Little Chickpea said...

I just love to watch such joyful and soulful dancing. Thanks for that! I look forward to reading your literature about it!
Those dances look good for the waistline. :)