Thursday, December 21, 2006


What are you doing for Christmas? That question has been thrown on my face thousands of times in the last few weeks.I have been asked that question so many times to the extent that now, whenever I am about to meet anyone that I know has not asked me before, I volunteer the answers. Everybody is busy with preparations for Christmas holidays. Over 2 billions dollars will be spend just this month for gift-exchange programs. I call them programs because I am yet to get the history behind exchanging gifts among relatives,friends, colleagues, and almost all the people you know and have been close by in the year if not years.I am told it takes up to March for most people to start recovering from the debts earned during the programs.Uh!

But there is one thing that I must admit about the season out here.It is exciting!You can not just walk away from this end of the year buzz! I also know that it annoys sometimes. The over crowded malls, busy than usual roads, crazily drivers who are on the rush to get some last minutes presents for families and friends, all day x mas songs and commercials on television. Well,you are not alone, some Christmas songs are boring, lets be real for Gods sake.

Literally everything else collapses during this time of the year. Its all about Christmas and some politics of whether calling greeting people with Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Does it real matter?So that brings about my question. Must everybody be doing something for Christmas? Why am I being asked the above question over and over again? Unfortunately, the above question is not asked plainly.It is asked with great expectations. When I reply that I have no plans for Christmas, have nothing like a Christmas tree at my house, my kids have not been to the mall to take a picture with Santa and have not bought any gift for anybody, there comes a look!Must we all celebrate Christmas? Are you?


The Intolerant One said...

Here is my best guess as to why people ask that question. Because everybody in the entire nation, whether they believe in the Christian view of Christmas or the "Holiday" version, will have those days off. Most people celebrate days off.

Even non Christians celebrate Christmas for similiar reasons as Christians. To come together with family. To have a time once a year to wish one another "peace and goodwill" toward our fellow human beings and hope and pray that it will resonate thru out the year.

Merry Christams my friend. If you do not have plans and do not plan to make any then use the time off to reflect and count the many blessings you have. Maybe even have a good friend over for dinner.

Make the most of it :)

Jeff Msangi said...

The intolerant one,
I will definitely use the break for the reflection of how the year 2006 went by and set the goals for 2007.However,I still believe that even though Christmas is celebrated by majority it should not indicate that if you do not join many in celebrating it then something is not right with you!That is the generic big picture I am getting and if I am wrong then same heaven will forgive me.Thanks for the comments and have a merry christmas too my friend.

scout said...

aloha, and merry christmas from the big island of hawaii!!!!!!

Patrick GK said...

Hi Jeff,
A belated Merry Christmas to you and yours. I wish you a very happy new year all well.

I just recently decided to join the blogging world and found your blog through Metty's blog. You got a good thing going here.

Patrick Kamera

Jeff Msangi said...

Thanks Scout and warm welcome to Patrick Kamera.I will be visiting your blog too.Karibu sana.

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