Friday, January 12, 2007

Miraculously the year 2007 has already kicked in which suggests that all things that were done or undone in 2007 goes into historical archives waiting to be shared mostly among history students and their professors. They say the world is too busy to remember everything or try to keep history alive and a tool for learning. Soon we will forget about Saddam Hussein, shall we?

Whilst a new year comes along, lots of people are usually busy with resolutions. Loosing wait, eating more healthy, exercising, go back to school, get engaged, get married, fall in love for the first time or again, rob a bank (yes, there are some whacko’s out there) etc. Resolutions are both realistic and daydreams. Nonetheless, a new year means new hope. Just the fact that you heard the bells and shouts plus seeing the fireworks brings when the big clock was almost counting 12:00am brings some sense of life. You deserve to celebrate dear pal because it’s the ugly fact that lots of people were not blessed to see those digits changing.

Nevertheless, apart from all the joys that a new year brings into our hearts the challenge of setting goals and wishes is always overwhelming. It does not surprise me that I have chosen 2007 to be a year with no explicit plans. It came like a wind and would like to see it going away the same way. That means I am trying to be realistic or unrealistic, depends on how you view it. Previously, I used to look up and set goals, did I achieve all of them? Half of them? Was I swept by high tides of the world and could not even remember my goals? Let us allow heaven to judge.

In favor of 2007, I carry with me wishes and hopes instead of goals. Why wishes and hopes instead of goals Jeff? Well....let us wait and see. The following are samples of my wishes.

I wish less and less people get infected by HIV/ AIDS and almost no one dies of the disease in 2007

I hope US will come to realization that when you turn the other cheek it does not necessarily mean you are weak and get out of Iraq and all other places on earth they unlawful occupy.

I wish to see less and less people die from hunger and preventable diseases.

I wish to see no one sleeps in the corridors of cities and towns for being homeless while unnecessary wars destroys homes and lives of millions.

I wish to see tolerance of other people’s cultures, traditions and religions is highly practiced and respected fully.

I wish to see less and less destruction to the environment. We must love our environment, politicizing environmental issues is a hell of mistake we are making as human beings.

I wish equal rights will no longer be just a vocabulary word but a practical reality of humanity whereby no “double standards”

Literally my wishes list goes down to 99, long list eenh! What are your wishes? Do we share same views? Happy New Year.


KITURURU said...
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KITURURU said...

We share most wishes and hopes!Atleast those ones U put down here.But also we share the idea of skiping limiting oneself to certain 2007 goals.Unfortunately for me I gave up on counting my wishes!They keep increasing all the time,untill I gave up!

scout said...

i like the idea of wishes, jeff...i gave up on making resolutions many years ago as feel they should be a daily thing whereby we can keep bettering ourselves in order to help the world.

i would have to conquer with your wishes and hopes set them into prayer :) . without hope, there's not much. without faith, there's no room for hope. that hope comes from the little things we see each day that are small but beautiful....smiling and hugging a friend is just one action to create some hope. staring at thte mircale of nature is another.

and with that i wish you , my friend, a wonderful 2007 !!!

Patrick GK said...

Hi Jeff,

Now that's an interesting way of approaching 2007.

I too was all for wishes until I remembered the saying "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride" and that kind of took the wind out of my sails, as it were.

Otherwise, it's all good!

Jeff Msangi said...

Kitururu,Scout and Patrick,
It gives me joy to know that I am not alone in choosing wishes instead of goals.You know how it feels to feel that you are not alone,right?Best 2007 to you all.

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