Monday, January 29, 2007


Africa is not only about wars,diseases,corruption, deaths and tooth to tooth struggles! If you happen to be an african advocate, you have probably lamented that way when you constantly see in the news what western media prefers to feed its viewers and readers.Almost nothing positive comes out of Africa.I am using a word "almost" because I do not get to see all the channels and newspapers all the time. When the recent war between Somalia and Ethiopia broke out,it made it to mainstream headlines out here in North America and surely around the globe.When Kenyans peacefully voted for their constitution reform last year it was not news.It did not worth reporting.Such examples are millions and millions.

However, an important question need to be asked. What does our African media report?Does the western media get the bumps from ourselves? Why don't you read this website headlines and see what I am talking about.


scout said...

what grabbed me more then the headlines was the banner at the top saying 'get an american citizenship now'.....whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm sure the news there is as , if not more, censored then here and surely seldom involves the plight of indigenous people , the sliemy rip offs and conqueror mentality and corruption of foreigners and africans themselves....same the world over, eh?

Michuzi said...

being a scribe myself, that this topic has drawn my interest is obvious. what i wish to assure you is that there is no censorship, at least in the newsroom that i am working in. maybe self-censorship in a sense that you cant burn the hand that feeds you. news, as you know it, is about man bites dog and not vice versa; in other words we write what we presume would attract readers. i sometimes hesitate to condemn the western media for portraying africa negatively because the ugly stories and photos are 'news' while handsome accounts rarely guarantees the incentive for one to read, unless it's about a groundbreaking report. i stand to be corrected but i guess the western media is just doing their job as per agendas set by their superiors that could also mean money. but deep inside they are professionally ok, with a few exceptions though

Jeff Msangi said...

I denifenetly agree with you that there are good news that could be news.They just choose to ignore those ones thinking,as MICHUZI,pointed out,that is what we want to hear and see as consumers.But who wants to give themselves,constantly,the nightmares from what they saw on their screen?Can't good news be news too?Well,I guess that is a million dollar question that will probably get a glimpse of an answer soon as citizen journalism keep growing and extending authority.

Patrick GK said...


You know what the motto in most if not all newsrooms is?

"If it bleeds, it leads"! There's the reasoning right there. It really comes down to making as much money as possible.

Things people will do and lengths they will go to, depths they will sink to...

Talk about unbridled greed!

Louis Nyalifa said...
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Louis Nyalifa said...

In Africa its disease and poverty
In the Middle East is violence and oppression
In the Far East is human trafficking and sex trade
News headlines by western Media.
It's always nice to know that your neighbor is worse off than you are. What other way can the west feel they are the saviors of the world. It’s true some parts are what they are but to generalize that the whole continent or region is that way is wrong.
And as long there are people out there who still think that the people of Greece are knows as Greecians, then the media will continue to exploit them and make more money writing about things that are not true. Do we really care if Angelina Jolie has a new tattoo???? mmmmmh actually I would be interested to know where ;)!

Fish Jones said...

As far as I can tell--YES, there are countries in Africa with problems, but the West reports ALL of them as THE SAME COUNTRY!!

For example: Nigeria has oil. Ghana has nice cities with cars and sky scrapers and great places to do hair. Swaziland has AIDS. Ethiopia has/had a famous famine. DR Congo has a war. Tanzania is about as 'fine/'normal' as San Diego. South Africa has a high crime rate and some great new roads for the World Cup.

Swaziland and Ethiopia are about 3x farther apart in distance than Louisiana and New York... but what the West hears on the news is "The warring people with AIDS have a famine, stupid Africa." There's no mention of Nigeria, no mention of Tanzania, no mention of Ghana.

(seriously, that's what the news is like here...)

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