Wednesday, February 14, 2007


To millions of people in the world,today is Valentine's Day. Like many things in the world, the real story behind this day is not very clear and surprisingly no one will even admit to historical facts errors even if new proofs accompanied by new sciences would back up their new stories. Its for the hypocrisy,greed and fear that lots of stones are left unturned for centuries and centuries.Nobody wants to tell the corporate world that Valentine's Day is not about love anymore but about business and economies.Most of us can not even remember anymore what this day actually mean or supposed to mean. Who is fooling us? It might be ourselves using our laziness to read,research and even ask some basic questions.We let it flow,day after day as if history will never torment us some day.

If I had authority to change the name of this day,I would call it the "Business of Love Day".Its a shame that the day is judged not by thoughts and considerations but about "what did you buy me".To make matters worse no one is talking about spreading and preaching word love as it means.Do not then be surprised to have a scene of lovers passing a homeless man and care less about his wellbeing.Do not question why the world is full of wars,explosions, terror attacks,political hypocrisy overshadowing every single mean of words like peace,democracy,human rights and associates.

Well,I guess that is our world even though some of us can now firmly state that it is not the world we ever dreamed of and few are making it the way it is.Today, its valentine's day with a winter storm in most parts of North America. Now tell me,who would not dream of a place like the one you see above?I am and for all means dreaming of Africa today.


Helene Kashama said...

I definitely agree with you Jeff…this hypocrisy day should be banned.

Hiza said...

I don’t think the day should be banned! Not everyone define Valentine as what did u get from your hubby- You could have a nice dinner with your family and spend not more than $50.00. Serious, do u real have to spend money on Valentine day- NOOOO. Today, in Columbus, Ohio we have winter stormy- what a good Valentine day- just to be home with my daughters-

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