Friday, February 23, 2007


Without being too judgmental, most of us will agree that Bob Marley is one of our all time legend personalities. His music was real,his messages were carried life by themselves.His popularity across the globe is/was untouchable. To this day,his music is widely listened to and its one of the tunes that will witness a crowd going wild but with peace. His music was all season to mean that he sang for all causes.

Like many musicians of his time, he was concerned about the welfare of the world and specifically African continent where before he even stepped on its soul,he believed that was his home. One of the things that he called for was UNITY. We know that his efforts saw no child, Africa never united.But what happened to the idea of UNITED AFRICA? Can the same idea resurrect again?See Bob Marley in the video below and tell me what you think.


Patrick GK said...


You know what, I believe it's just a matter of time before Africa unites.

Sometime ago I read of the efforts of Nkrumah and others in trying to form the United States of Africa. I understand their efforts were frustrated( I am not sure of the specifics) and hence nothing tangible was attained, well except the formation of the OAU.

scout said...

hey jeff!!!!!! it's my belief that the indigenous peoples of the world will all be united and sovereign at the same time. next year??? anohter 2 or 3??? it won't be long now.

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