Wednesday, March 21, 2007


f you ask most North Americans about what they consider a very pressing issue at the moment,they will most likely tell you it's the environment. What if you ask these Africans?

Photo courtesy of Cedric Kalonji who blogs in French.


scout said...

hmmm...sheer survival comes to mind. of course, if you're looking for puns, then pressing could be the weight of the load :)

Patrick GK said...

What! The environment?? Are you kidding?? They will tell you they've got to get that cargo to its destination before they are assured of a meal... they could care less about the environment...

To many in the so-called third world, worrying about the environment is a luxury


Hello Jeff,
Thanks for dropping by SAVI.
This question i believe is a dilemma the global community has to address. Priorities and interests vary across the board. In most cases interests and concerns of those in developing countries often go unheeded or tackled poorly with wrong prescriptions.


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