Saturday, March 17, 2007


Different from other parts of the world in Africa every tune,every drum beat,every saxophone bit could carry a very significant message. That means you can still enjoy the african music,on and off stage.Listen here to some of the best african tunes that are covered.If you are interested about the history of some of african greatest music styles this article will help you. Lastly,what is your opinion about today's music in comparison with lets say ten years ago. Is it getting better or worse?Does today's music preach love or hate? What is music to you?

In the picture above is a 2005 Juno Award winning African/Canadian musician Adam Solomon of Adam Solomon and Tikisa Band.Adam is once again a nominee for 2007 Juno Awards to be hosted by Nelly Furtado on April 1st in Saskatoon .You can listen to some of Adam Solomon tunes here. His music is excellent combination of old and new rhythm to make what we can call modern music.