Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Watching Canada's politics from the short distance as I did this time is one of the best experiences that I will always have at the back of my mind. If I decide to take the life turn and move back to my beautiful country of Tanzania in next two or three years,I would have written a nice,best-seller novel if not a memoir of my life in Canada. Many things keeps on happening,some makes me laugh,some makes me sad if not suicidal. Its all about what I see in the society here,the flashing differences between Tanzania and Canada.

If you are one of that elite group of my "fan readers",you may rembember that there is a time when I almost sweared that I am tired of writting,discussing and even "drinking and eating" politics. Yes,I almost did,because shortly before taking an oath I realized that politics is almost life,almost like polluted air,we can hardly live without it.May be if Canadians and Americans plus their G8 friends decides to put in power political parties that speaks and understand the language of the Green Party.Unfortunately ,that is not gonna happen given the fact that these muthe***** could not even give such a small party a democratic chance to participate in national televised debates.How does democracy operate here? I am just waiting to hear Stephen Harper coaching foreign countries especially African countries about "democracy". I know he will make that mistake soon.That is how it has always been.Good governance has failed in North America.I am eagerly waiting for the invitation to attend its funeral. If you don't know what am talking about,just ask yourself who is the new PM of Canada and what happened? Ask yourself is you slightly remember divided USA than this one of like father-like son.

See? I am almost forgetting what I want to write about here.Anyway,few months ago my home country,the country I love of Tanzania was in the elections.Actually our new president has just made his first out of country official trip the other day when attending the meeting for Africa Union in Khartoum,Sudan. I was a bit dissapointed that apart from being one of the most peaceful elections in Africa(Tanzania has always been peaceful) that did not impress any western media circles. I know,if war had broke,it would have been on all the news channels.Too bad it never happened! However, my mind has come to certain understanding when while every Canadian including permanent residents like me were all eyes on tv waiting to hear the elections results,none of the americans news channels was interested in what was going on here. You can tell why I understand now.How can they even think of a country all the way in eastern africa while they didn't even care about a "neighbour" like Canada?

Suprisingly,I remembered how Canadian channels were busy covering the US elections last year.Every news was about that election. John Kerry,George Bush,all the way to the end.Now,do you understand what this means? It means something I call and we call "mental slavery". It means dreadfully comparisons that "they are better than us,they are the masters". No wonder,every Canadian youth wants to look american,wants to talk american,wants to be seen as american.Who are we blaming for gun violence?Americans?I got laugh here.How many of Canadian tv programs are watched in the USA? Do you know how many of their programs are seen here? Tell me another word before I use "shame". Are you suprised why Canadians could not even come with their own talent search name instead of copy cat of American idol? Canada television scene is America. Then how can you blame someone who will confuse you to an American? From morning to evening before night tvs are full of US programmes.What can Canada do and stand proud for it now? Is it real supposed to be "only hockey"? Come on.Something needs to be done because I believe mind colonization is deadly than slave trade. I hear even The Bay has been sold now.

I believe Canada is one of very few countries that could be "watchdogs" of United States. The social,political and economical super monopoly that US is enjoying carries lots of blame from countries like the so called G8.Is there a good reason why all the movies in theatres right now as I right this piece are "made in America".Can't Canada make Toronto an alternative Hollywood? Did you notice how many times the US was put into political discussions during the campaign?As if US is the only other country in the world!

Let me end by pointing out that the campaigners for political chances completely forgot that culture is what is and has always shaped socities.This multi-culturalism myth does not work guys,there is nothing like multiculturalism in this kind of circumstances.Lets be realistic fellow,I can not practise my culture here,no one can than trying to eat and dress my culture.Culture is more than that.Unfortunately,people forget that and politicians keeps fumbling. Jails and more police in the streets does not shape good society. Poverty is just not the only enemy brothers and sisters. I come form a normal (you can call it poor society if you like) society,sorrounded by broken families,drugs business and all that.Why didn't we join the gangs is my soon coming book.See you soon.


Rachel said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I appereciate your comments...
Happy New Year!

The Intolerant One said...

Nice rant my friend! Your passion clearly shows. I did not agree with every point but I am not writing to debate your topic. You are certainly entitled to have "your say!" on how you feel about the issues of the day!

And that line:

"... given the fact that these muthe*****..."

I couldn't believe you said that. I had a good chuckle.

Thank you for the good read.