Tuesday, February 07, 2006


It certainly feel like a dream, a dream that your only house is burning and your both hands a tied up.You can do less than watch,weep and let it go. Its the simple laws of life that you have to live with.
I am not sure where was I composing these dreams from.May be they were wishes and not hopes.I am told black people wishes but not hope. For some reasons I was not excited that Steven Harper was being sworn in and yet write a new sentence in the history of Canada.But my dissapointment which is basically self-inflicted one came after green lights when the new cabinet was announced.In the whole list no black person.I say my dissapointment was self inflicted because I am not even sure how many Conservative MPs are black,if there are any blacks. I had gathered "some" hopes due to speculations that had spread in the media channels that the sense of equal and balanced representation was going to be de facto.I had hoped,for the first time there will be a black minister.I was wrong,there was none.

Does it send some waves to you? Probably not,why?Long walk to freedom was not just a mere biography by Nelson Mandela but almost a reality.Either black people are left far behind in the political arenas or the aspiration of the game are left at the doorsteps.Being part of the history of this country means equal participation and fair play.Somebody gotta wake up and run for the seat and let the rest decide.Somebody has to set an example,like Lincoln Alexander.We may complain and complain,but without actions,we are hitting around the bush.Message for my brothers and sisters.

However,what if some foul are involved?Did you try?Do you have evidence?Did you remember to take pictures? You have to learn how to play by the heart,just like how piano is played.


Anonymous said...

Well Jeff
True there is no Black minister, but my questions to you are as follow:
1- Is Canada ready for a black minister?
2- How could you ever thought that the conservative could have appointed a black minister if already they are having issues with anything too liberal or too much on the left

michael the tubthumper said...

what do you mean "is canada ready for a black minister?"

surely it relates to competence, nothing else.

also, unfortunately there aren't really any black people in the top jobs here in the UK either

Amelopsis said...

I cannot think of any black MP's on the conservative bench either, perhaps I'm mistaken. BUT...we do have a black Governor General - Michaelle Jean.

Now, if only we could stop interfering and sending our military to Haiti in support of US foreign policy....

Jeff Msangi said...

Suggesting that its just an issue of competence while declaring that almost all G8 countries do not have black minister sounds weird.Do you mean and believe that black people are not competent for ministerial jobs? I completely disagree with you.I could try negotiate the idea that black people are least politically motivated and therefore do not even get down in the underground political movements.The question WHY remains knocking my head and that is what I intend to dig.

* Anyonymous. Is Canada ready for a black minister?My answer which is in form of question is WHY NOT?

* Ame- You are right,GG is a good example of competence that Michael is talking about.Is she alone?

The Intolerant One said...

Hello my friend! I have read this article about three times already I want to be sure I understand where you come from. You said:

" I had gathered "some" hopes due to speculations that had spread in the media channels that the sense of equal and balanced representation was going to be de facto."

I think you have misunderstood what the Conservative party meant when the said this. By equal and balanced they were referring to having ministeral representation from coast to coast. One of the Liberal fear tactics was that should the Conservatives get into office, most of their ministers would come from the west. Mostly Alberta.

Instead Prime Minister Harper has honored what he said by appointing ministers from every province. By doing this he has insured that ALL Provinces have a few Ministers to represent Canada overall in a proportionally equal and balanced cabinet.

As far as black ministers are concerned, I do not know if any black people ran for any party at all. But that is up to the indivudual to run. Your reminding me of a similiar question that has arisen about the low level of females in Parliament. I often respond to this by saying "maybe they just do not want to run for office". Everybody is entitled to run and evrybody else can exercise that vote. But you cannot make people run for office who do not want to.

My question would be do many black people even want to run for office? As far as the cabinet itself it, it consists of 6 females, 2 Asians (Oriental's) You have at least 1(that I know of) Aboriginal as a Parliamentary secretary as well as a quadreplegic. I do not how more diversfied it can get and does it matter that much? Are we made up of "colors" and "genders" or people?First people have to want to run for office. Then get elected into office but I believe the process to be very fair.

And why were you not excited about the new Prime Minister? Were we better off with old one? As you know my friend, I am glad Paul Martin and the Liberals are out. I am hoping for a fresh start and new and exciting direction for my country.


"Now, if only we could stop interfering and sending our military to Haiti in support of US foreign policy..."

What do our troops going to Haiti have to do with US foreign policy? If the country is in disarray and we consider ourselves the "Peacekeeper's for the entire planet" are we not obligated to be there considering our role within the UN? I do not see how Canada being there supports US foreign policy.

michael the tubthumper said...

no i think you have misunderstood.

of course black people are competent - that is what i meant.

what i mean is that if a few racists or idiots "aren't ready" to accept then that is their problem

Jeff Msangi said...

Thanks for clarification Michael.You are very right;there are countless black people who are more than competent for ministerial positions.

The Intolerant One said...

Competent, Yes, but do they want to run? Are they even trying to run? Now I am curious. I am going on a quest to see if any ran for any party.

Amelopsis said...

I do not believe that our presence in Haiti is as much about 'peacekeeping' as it is about attempting to ensure that a suitable attitude of compliance is installed along with the new government. I do not think that our presence there is working to achieve all the best ends. I don't preclude that while we're there we are doing some good works, but the US foreign policy of furthering prosperous trade partnerships to further 'free trade' for market profits is behind our involvement

The Intolerant One said...

Hello again Jeff,

I have searched around, although not enough to my satisfaction, and it is hard to find a candidates list with a photo beside it. This of course would help as far as verifying whether any black candidates ran for the party. I did not check the other parties. One party took long enough.

However, in searching out the Conservative caucus list I came across Alberta incumbent, Rahim Jaffer. He came to Canada as a refugee from Uganda, Africa. He is only 34 years old!

I also discovered a Conservative black senator by the name of Anne Cools.

I have discovered the Conservative party to have a vast representation. More then I expected. Aside from the females there was people of aboriginal, oriental, and east indian.

Hope this answers and even helps some of your frustrations.

Jeff Msangi said...

Thanks for the research.The frustration is possibly still there.What getting Rahim Jaffer a ministerial post? Lack of competence?

The Intolerant One said...

Actually Prime Minister Harper is in a "damned if you do damned if you don't" scenario. As I pointed out in an earlier comment, he was looking at equal balancing from a regional perspective. All 28 ridings in Alberta voted Conservative and so if Harper gave too many minister positions over there he would be accused of showing favouritism to the west.

The other reason, and I am guessing now, is that a few years ago Rahim was scheduled to do a radio talk show interview and instead had one of his aides do it over the phone and mislead the listeners into thinking it was Rahim. This put a bit of a stain on his credibility and perhaps Harper felt that was one area he did not want to revisit. Let's face it, media will throw whatever dirt they can at you even if it is recycled.

That could be the answer to your "lack of compotence" question. But again, I am only guessing at this point.

Anonymous said...

The intolerant one you said, 'Are we made up of "colors" and "genders" or people?First people have to want to run for office. Then get elected into office but I believe the process to be very fair.'

Of course, we can not deny gender and race and the visible wealth and power distribution along these two lines. There are those who like that to be changed, and it doesn't need a second guess to know that they are those that are under-represented.

As for their desire, who does not want wealth and power? If people are not actively seeking wealth and power then it is most likely they are are discouraged because of unfair system, unfair streotype, an up-hill struggle. When a pain lasts too long the body reduces the pain by becoming numb or denial.

Of course, that is not a solution. Those who are progressive and believe in human spirit should continue to struggle for the progress and the change they aspire. Let the pain, the frustration, the disappointment and disillusion, the acute feeling of the faulty system, be the driving force, the creative energy of progress and change.

We should aspire for equitable distribution of wealth and power, among regions, among all races, colors and gender. We have to constantly name the problem and encourage change. It is a challenge that should be taken up by those who have stake in the change and those who champion it.


Jeff Msangi said...

Your points are clear and straight than the lines of Olympics.The race towards true humanity is just beginning.I believe its never late and black people,being human beings,just like anybody else deserves and must attain equality in every angle and area.If politics is the only bridge so be it but ye shall get there.